hey i’m laying in bed and my front camera is grainy is this very vogue

eating a baked potato while going through a mild existential crisis.

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Indian optometrist creates gold plated, diamond encrusted contact lenses

Sin título / Untitled24 cm x 33 cm2014Acrílico sobre cartón / Acrilic on cardboardM Camila Calderónojosalcuadro.tumblr.com

today i feel clean and like i have many loose ends to tie and like i just really realized that my body isn’t me

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La maison du garde forestier - Gustav Klimt

Bunch with Apple, 1956Round square plate9 7/8”Original ceramic, white earthenware clay, decoration accentuated with oxidized paraffin, oxides under glaze400 produced(Madoura catalog 307)$7,500

Collecting specimens, John Child, 1969

Pablo Picasso Ceramic, Face No. 197, 1963

Self portrait of Frida Kahlo, 1944

In 1927 Picasso met Marie-Thérèse Walter (1909-1977), a 17 year old who Picasso then lived with in a flat across the street from his marital home (while still married to Olga).  Marie-Thérèse and  Picasso had a daughter, Maya (Maria de la Concepcion) on October 5, 1935.  (Picasso and Olga later separated although they remained married so Olga would not receive half of Picasso’s wealth — until she died in 1955. )   Picasso’s relation with Marie was kept from Olga until Olga was told of Marie’s pregnancy.   Marie understandably became jealous when Picasso started to fall in love with Dora Maar in 1936, a year after Maya was born.  It was Marie-Thérèse who was the inspiration for many of Picasso’s famous Vollard Suite etchings.  Marie-Thérèse died by hanging herself in 1977, four years after Picasso died.  Maya’s son, Olivier Widmaier wrote “Picasso: The Real Family Story” about his artist grandfather, in 2004.